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Our Story

Saptron began 15 years ago as a few front line techies, who were managing some high profile networks, decided to venture out on their own.  We started as an IT Security Consulting firm, called upon to plan, implement, and manage the security aspects of some of the nations largest AND most sensitive private networks.  As the technology landscape and technologies have grown, security has become much more than a VPN tunnel or bug sweeps.  Social hacking, premise security/access control, ERP, MDM/MAM, BI, etc… have all branched into their own areas of specialty…and Saptron has been involved as each of these areas have matured.  We have seen what works, and what does not.

Saptron has relationships with other subject matter experts from both the public and private sectors.  If we do not have the answer, we know where to get it.  We execute and provide results at a price point below that of other companies with large overhead.  Poor planning and management will undermine even the best engineered solution.  Saptron is unique in having top program/project managers in addition to the tech talent required to execute.  Managing the project is just as important as the knowledge of the techie.

Referrals have been our principal source of growth for 15 years.  Discretion and a level of service not often seen in IT is what has sustained our business model.  We invite you to allow us the opportunity to perform and execute upon your business requirements.  If you wish to find out more about, please send and email to info@saptron.com and we will respond promptly.

Upon the signing of an NDA, we can discuss our work in more detail.

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