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Infrastructure Services

Your single source for IT infrastructure project services. From design and engineering to deployment, our project team knows technology and how to meet hand-off dates working in close partnership with your construction team.

Technology Services

From Network and Systems engineering to Application, Storage, and Cloud technology, the Saptron team develops solutions at all layers to meet your business need while ensuring risk mitigation and protection of your data.

Cybersecurity Services

As exposure to cyber threats increases with every new product, device, workforce, or process, our team assures assets are secured and business and personal reputations are protected. Cybersecurity as a foundational partner to your business.

Physical Security Services

Physical security is no longer a separate though. Integration between physical and cyber security ensure that assets are monitoring, risks identified, and threats responded to appropriately and without hesitation.

About Saptron

Saptron began 15 years ago as a few front line techies, who were managing some high profile networks, decided to venture out on their own.  We started as an IT Security Consulting firm, called upon to plan, implement, and manage the security aspects of some of the nations largest AND most sensitive private networks.  As the technology landscape and technologies have grown, security has become much more than a VPN tunnel or bug sweeps.  Social hacking, premise security/access control, ERP, MDM/MAM, BI, etc… have all branched into their own areas of specialty…and Saptron has been involved as each of these areas have matured.  We have seen what works, and what does not.


“I have been highly impressed by Saptron’s ability to rapidly mobilize a team for projects that typically take months before help is on the way. Their approach to understanding the business need, assessing risk, and recommending the appropriate actions is a breath of fresh air in an industry that typically has been all-too restrictive. They allowed our business to even improve efficiency while ensuring our risk exposure was reduced significantly. I cannot tell you how impressive our partnership has been.”

~John P.

Senior Director, Infrastructure and Cloud Services, Company Confidential

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